Fish or Sink

A mobile undersea challenge for everyone

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Fish or Sink Features

 Fast and fun

The title says it all. A fun experience and the perfect challenge when on the run.


Share your hi-score with your friends and family on Facebook and more. Get an instant reward with every share.


FishorSink is free to play and you only pay for the features you want. No extras, no hidden fees.

 Plays Nice

Easy to get into with a smooth learning curve. Great for kids and adults alike.

FishorSink Gameplay

Simply catch colorful, cute tropical fish swimming towards you on screen.

Every fish will yield a different score. Some are more valuable than the others and some take more than one spear to catch!


Beware of fish bites! They can be nasty and go through your scuba suit. Get bitten too many times and you will sink.

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