Privacy policy
Frametag Media Pty Ltd (‘Frametag Media’), publisher of the FishorSink mobile game, takes privacy very seriously. The privacy measures are outlined in this privacy policy.
User data
FishorSink does not collect, store or transmit any personally identifying user data. Personal details like address book names, phone numbers and account information is not used by FishorSink.
Social sharing
FishorSink players are given the option to share their score through public social networks. This is the only way other people can determine if you have played FishorSink.
Cloud services
FishorSink does not require any cloud service to run and Frametag Media does not host an online cloud service associated with the game. No user data is transmitted from the game to any cloud service during play. When finished, players can decide to share their score data with a cloud-based social media service.Future versions of FishorSink might add network play features which do require a cloud service. In this event, the privacy policy will be updated to outline which, if any, user data is transmitted to the cloud service.
By default FishorSink enables advertising on both the iOS and Android versions. The advertising service is provided by the AdMob cloud service. The device use information obtained by the advertising service is not under the control of Frametag Media. Please see the respective terms of service for the privacy policy of the AdMob service.FishorSink gives all players the option to remove in-game advertising by purchasing a subscription from the in-app store.

In-app purchases

FishorSink provides the option for players to purchase value-adding products from the in-app store. The financial details of in-app purchase transactions are not disclosed to any third-party and are managed by the respective Apple iTunes and Google Play app stores.